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Some Saudi veterans of overseas jihads have adopted one form of the doctrine of takfir, in which a Muslim is judged by another Muslim to be an unbeliever. Because traditional Islamic law calls for the execution of apostates, some have used takfir to justify attacks on the Saudi state. In recent years, these attacks have raised fears that the chaos in some of the world’s conflict zones is being brought home to Saudi Arabia by radicalized jihadists. The Saudi government thus finds itself in the awkward position of needing to defend the principle of jihad to its citizens while discouraging them from actually taking up arms. One step it has taken is simply to talk to those who have proved to be most vulnerable to the temptations of jihad, the captured militants themselves. As Jilani put it to me, “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the confidence to fight thoughts with thoughts. ”Jilani and his colleagues are not just fighting a war of ideas. Though the Saudi government tends to explain its rehabilitation program in purely Islamic terms, as an effort to correct theological misunderstandings, the new program also addresses the psychological needs and emotional weaknesses that have led many young men to jihad in the first place. It tries to give frustrated and disaffected young men the trappings of stability — a job, a car, possibly a wife. Though international human rights groups continue to sound the alarm about Saudi Arabia’s habit of detaining suspects without charging them and of punishing certain crimes with floggings and amputations, these young men seem to have become the subjects of a continuing experiment in counterterrorism as a kind of social work. If the Saudi rehabilitation program succeeds, it could reduce the ranks of dangerous extremists and have a far reaching impact: domestic and regional stability and, though it’s not a stated goal, increased safety for potential targets in the West.

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please help or advise me at asap. thank you. First of all congrats to both of you!u and ur brother!I caught up wth your story browsing the web. and never could have imagined it. I´m from Nicaragua and live in Managua. lived in the US for 6 years and returned as a teen. have always wanted to start my own business since then. now im 31 :/ but salaries here are too low to save up money and get started somehow been working with US companies as Customer service rep. sales. even debt collector!hahahaha. now im working from home but manage to get around $800 a month.

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The word means “struggle” and in Islamic law usually refers to armed conflict with non Muslims in defence of the global Islamic community.

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